Belvedere Meridionale 2017. vol. XXIX. no. 04.

Spaces and Ideas

Editor of the current issue: Pászka, Imre

Belvedere 2017. 4. szám 


Valuch,Tibor: The transformation of activity structure and consumption in the Hungarian villages after collectivization
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.1

Fekete, Deák, Ildikó: „Hidden resistance” The Collectivization Process in Szeklerland
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.2

Marácz, László: Is the EU accession a critical juncture for Romania’s language policy?
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.3

Sánta, Tamás: Statistical Research on NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) in a Hungarian city
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.4

Horváth, Ádám. The power of public works programme in peripheral areas on the example of a dead-end village
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.5

Fekete, Mariann: eTIME or the Networking of Leisure Time. Generational culture consumption in the digital age
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.6

Bocsi, Veronika: The religious patterns of young roma people in Hungary
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.7

Hamvas, László: Future Laboratory
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.8

Nagy, Gábor Dániel – Máthé-Tóth, András: Descriptive Life Stories of Hungarian Scientologists
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.9

Turai, Gabriella: Medieval Female Mysticism and Weber’s Charismatic Authority
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.10

Nagy, Imre: Divergence Instead of Convergence or Whoever stays out is Left Behind
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.11

Tamáska, Máté: Esztergom. A City Centre Between Historic Sites
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.12


Brenner, János: The face of German democracy. Parliament and Government buildings in Berlin
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.13


Tóth, János: The Historical Sociology of Climate Change
DOI 10.14232/belv.2017.4.14