Sándor László Papp

Sándor László Papp (1965) historian, turkologist. He graduated from the JGYTF as a teacher of hungarian language and literature and history in 1990, and in 1990 he obtained a MA degree of history at the Attila József University in Szeged and turkology at ELTE in Budapest in 1993. He defended his PhD thesis in 1998 in the Universität Wien, Institut für Orientalistik. Habilitatiton (University of Szeged, 2011). Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2015). University professor and head of the Department of Medieval and Early Modern Hungarian History at the EszterházyKárolyCollege (Eger).

His research interests are the early modern history of Hungary, Vassal States in the Ottoman Empire, History of Moldva and Wallachia in the 16th and 17th Centuries.