Patterns of Socioregions in the Carpathian Basin
Belvedere Meridonale, Vol.29. 2016/2, Summer

A tematikus lapszám szerkesztői: Pászka Imre & Jancsák Csaba
Editors of the Current Issue: Pászka, Imre & Jancsák, Csaba

Belvedere 2016. 2. szám

Tanulmányok / Studies

Plugor, Réka: Exploring University Students’ Experiences Of Double Academic Statuses In Romania Who? When? Why?
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.1

Marácz, László: Empowering Hungarian Ethno-Linguistic Minorities in Central- and Eastern Europe
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.2

Kiss, Dénes: The Role of Social Capital in the Process of Becoming an Entrepreneur and in Entrepreneurial Success
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.3

Csata, Zsombor: Reflections on the economic aspects of multilingualism in Transylvania
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.4

Szalma, Ivett: Partnerships norms and childlessness in Hungary and Transylvania in European view
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.5

Czibere, Ibolya: “Even history has forgotten to write the story of women”
The way of women’s study to institutionalization
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.6

Pásztor, Gyöngyi: The Evolution of Social and Spatial Inequalities During Transition and Stabilization Periods in the Post-Socialist “Winner” City of Cluj, Romania
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.7

Laki, Ildikó: A short history of Hungarian industrial towns from the 1950s until the regime change
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.8

Sánta, Tamás: Youngsters Who Are Not in Employment, Education or Training (About the NEET in a Hungarian Perspective)
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.9

Ladancsik, Tibor: Hungarian–Serbian mixed marriages in Vojvodina
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.10

Szemtanú / Eyewitness

Lencsés, Gyula: Hungarian ethnography in a historical perspective
An unpublished lecture by Gyula Ortutay from 1937
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.2.11