Approaches, snapshots
Belvedere Meridonale, Vol.28. 2016/1, Spring

A tematikus lapszám szerkesztője: Pászka Imre
Editors of the Current Issue: Pászka, Imre

Belvedere 2016. 1. szám 

Tanulmányok / Studies

1. Goodwin, John – O’Connor, Henrietta: From Young Workers to Older Workers: Eliasian Perspectives on the Transitions to Work and Adulthood
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.1

2. Hughes, Kahryn – Valentine, Gill: Th e Time of Our Lives: towards a Temporal Understanding of Internet Gambling
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.2

3. Dunning, Michael: Terrorism and Civilisation: the Case for a Relational Approach
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.3

4. Jugureanu, Alexandra: A Short Introduction to Happiness in Social Sciences
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.4

5. Nagy, Gábor Dániel: Social Network Based Approaches in North American Religion Research: a Review
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.5

6. Jancsák, Csaba: The Contribution of Christian Roma Special College of Szeged
to the Effectiveness of Higher Education and Labor Market in a Value Sociology Approach
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.6

7. Vincze, Anikó: The Relationship between Educational Inequalities and ICT Access and Use at Home
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.7

8. Balogh, Péter: Hungary in the Rural Development Cooperation Network of the European Union
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.8

9. Füzér, Katalin: The Social Theory of Trust and the Sociological Theory of Social Capital
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.9

Háztáji / Homegrown

10. Pászka, Imre: Salutation for Péter Somlai
DOI 10.14232/belv.2016.1.10