Belvedere Meridionale 2024. XXXVI. évf. 01.

Belvedere Meridionale 2024. 1. szám


Jancsák, Csaba
Hungarian Secondary School Students’ Views on the Tasks of the Student Council (DÖK) and Their Participation in It
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.1.

Vincze, Anikó
In the footsteps of Bourdieu towards digital capital. A case study on the application of the concept of digital capital on the relationship between digital and educational inequalities
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.2.

Paksi, Veronika – Tardos, Katalin
Professional networking in the field of social sciences
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.3.

Tóth, Dalma
The narrative organization of social representations in life stories
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.4.

Varga, Áron
The development of the ‚generation rent’ phenomenon in Hungary
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.5.

Szilárdi, Réka
The framework of large group identification: religion and nation
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.6.

Dobre, Eleonora Casandra
The impact of demographic changes on HR processes. A highlight on workplace learning, upskill and reskill in the context of the future or work
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.7.

Hunyadi, Attila Gábor
Subsidiarity and proportionality in Public Works’ administration: from local, regional, and national to inter-regional, cross-border/transnational, Trans-European Networks (TENTs) in Transylvania belonging to Hungary (until 1918/20) and to Romania (since 1918/1920)
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.8.

Tóth, Norbert
Practical application of Anthropology of Education. A case study of Tiszabercel
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.9.

Balázs-Legeza, Borbála
Rural Livelihoods in Inter-war Hungary – with Case Studies
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.10.

Balogh, Péter
Interstate solidarity and support – the case of Ukraine after the escalation in 2022.
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.11.

Pávai, Jenő
A brief description of the value term and some value tests, considering the pre-and post-millennium value orientation of Romanian and Hungarian youth
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.12.

Kothencz, János
Navigating the Complexities of Caring for Children with Special Needs: The Experiences and Challenges of Foster Parents in Hungary
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.13.

Losoncz, Alpár
Perseverance of eurowhiteness. Review
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.14.


Dombrádi, Krisztián
They have separated “real science” and faith – but found no answer to the main question.
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.15.

In Memoriam

Jancsák, Csaba
Jenő Bangó (1934–2023).
DOI 10.14232/belv.2024.1.16.