Tamás Nótári

Tamás Nótári (1976), legal historian, associate professor of the Faculty of Law at the KároliGáspárUniversity of the Reformed Church in Hungary. In 2005 he defended his PhD thesis in Roman law entitled “Iuridicophilologica Mureniana. Law, Religion and Rhetoric in Cicero’s Pro Murena” at the same university summa cum laude. In 2006 he obtained his PhD title in history at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Szeged summa cum laude with a thesis in philology of Medieval Latin (entitled “Historiography in Early Medieval Bavaria”). He habilitated at Faculty of Law of the EötvösLorándUniversity in 2009 with a topic that combined Roman law, legal and state formation history (“The Elements of Roman Law in the Lex Baiuvariorum”). His research interests are medieval historiography and legal history of the Middle Ages, classical rhetoric and Roman law.